Do you want to grow your business, capture and maintain a committed team, and align with the right vendors and key partners?

If so, this is for you...

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Do you ever find that many of the clients you attract are not aligned with your purpose—your Why? Are you finding it difficult to align your company or team onto the same page with your Why? Or maybe you don’t know how to fully articulate what your Why even is?

Let us help you change all that using our effective 3-Step process...

Activate Strengths
& Values
Step 1
  • Discover How you do things and define your right “fit”
  • Pre-work assessments
  • Hands-on workshop guidance
  • Uncover your personal strengths and understand how they fuel the shared corporate values
Uncover Your Why
Step 2
  • Uncover your Why
  • Learn to articulate your Why
  • Understand the steps necessary to create purposeful marketing materials
  • Feed your culture and align your team through purpose
Master the Message
Step 3
  • Transform these new tools and ideas into powerful messaging
  • Learn to engage and create lasting emotional relationships with your ideal customers and employees
  • Make your vision for your business become a reality
Don’t have time for 3 steps? Fast Track It – Take the best of what we described above and accelerate your results in half the time. Perfect for Teams, Divisions, and Forums.

Discover What’s Under the Surface

Most businesses operate a lot in the What and How… what employees we need, what kind of software we implement, how we will get new clients…but all too often we forget to come back to Why—Why creating this organization got us so jazzed in the first place?

Why do you work hard? Why do you offer particular products and services? Why would customers want to partner with you? Remember that excited feeling when you first started your business?

Uncovering your business’s Why and implementing it across all of your communications is the single most important step you can take to create a loyal client base that’s emotionally connected to your brand.

The Advantages Why Discovery employs a series of assessments and in-person meetings to guide you to aligned business decisions, engaging communications, purposeful marketing, and meaningful branding.

After this workshop series, you will have the tools and the tactics to take your business to the next level and live a life with more joy and fulfillment.

  • Uncover your Why
  • Learn to articulate your Why
  • Understand the steps necessary to create engaging and purposeful marketing materials
  • Feed your culture and align your team with purpose
  • Attract awesome clients that absolutely fall in love with and are loyal to your brand!
As a result you will...
  • Attract your ideal customers
  • Make better decisions
  • Improve your Culture, align with the right employees and vendors
  • Result: Make more money
This is right for you if you...
  • Are passionate about what you do
  • Love to see others around you succeed
  • Thrive in an environment where others are empowered
  • Want to grow your business!
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Check out what some participants have to say about their experiences...

"It's a great workshop! The process they came up with is simple..."

"I walked away with my Why, it was something that I did not expect..."

"Workshops like this are so important. I work with so many business owners..."

"I loved the Why workshop because I left so reinvigorated about the work..."

"So if you are not waking up every single day of your life, being grateful..."

"The process and the moderators make the workshop amazing!"

"Finding your Why and your core values is sort of like a North star"

"These workshops are a phenomenal experience! They're just a terrific way..."

Want to have the same experience they did? Of course you do!

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