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Clarify your message. Align your people. Elevate your brand.

Do you struggle to connect with your audiences?
  • Is your brand inconsistent?
  • Is your vision cloudy?
  • Are your messages unclear?
  • Is your team uncertain about your direction?
  • Are you having a hard time retaining talent?
  • Is it difficult to attract the right clients?
Your story matters.

The Why Discovery Series helps you tell it better.

Get to the core of your story and discover a version that is authentic, engaging, and impactful. Our fully-immersive workshops engage you and your team in a hands-on, deeper dive of your Why, values, mission, and vision—the 4 key elements that connect you to your ideal audiences—clients, teams, partners, and vendors.

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The Why Discovery Series is perfect for you.

Entrepreneurs & Business Owners develop a clear view of their story and the ability to articulate it to the audiences that matter.

CEOs & Team Leaders acquire the insight and tools to align and unify their teams.

Professional Services, Startups, & Non-profits create the foundation for the emotional messaging needed to connect with clients, donors, and markets.

Coaches & Consultants gain the skills to take their own businesses and the businesses of their clients deeper and farther.

Workshop attendees are raving about their experience
"If you’re not waking up every single day of your life being grateful for the life that you have and the work that you do, this is definitely something that you want to consider."
Lully B, Entrepreneur
"It makes us all better parents, better family members, better employees, better entrepreneurs by taking time out of our very busy lives to work on things like this."
Jay Baitner, National Planning Corporation
"Finding your Why is a way to figure out the direction you should be taking in your life, in your business, what you’re good at, what kind of things make you fulfilled so that you have a map to follow that route."
Natasa Lekic, NY Books Editor
Choose the Workshop that is right for you. It’s simple.

With just a bit of introspection, a dash of collaborative analysis, and a sprinkle of fun, your team will play an integral part in and thoroughly enjoy our process of unlocking your story. It’s already there, we just help you tell it better.

Book a date for one of our open seating workshops. This collaborative environment allows you to engage with others and get objective feedback from your peers.
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Is your brand and marketing strategy truly Why-focused?

This short assessment will guide you through a Why-based analysis of your current brand to determine how well you are clearly and purposefully communicating.

How does your brand stand up?

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Discover how the Advantages Why Workshop Series has helped businesses like yours double their revenue.

"It's a great workshop! The process they came up with is simple..."

"I walked away with my Why, it was something that I did not expect..."

"Workshops like this are so important. I work with so many business owners..."

"I loved the Why workshop because I left so reinvigorated about the work..."

"The process and the moderators make the workshop amazing!"

"Finding your Why and your core values is sort of like a North star"

Discover What’s Under the Surface

Most businesses operate a lot in the What and How... what employees we need, what kind of software we implement, how we will get new clients... but all too often we lose sight of our Why—Why creating this organization got us so jazzed in the first place?

Why do you work hard? Why do you offer particular products and services? Why would customers want to partner with you? Remember that energy you felt when you first started your business?

Uncovering your business’ Why and implementing it across all of your communications is the single most powerful step you can take to create a loyal client base that’s emotionally connected to your brand.

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