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uncover your WHY, Vision, Core Values, and more.


Core Values

Activate Core Values

This is the root in how you communicate; sales, marketing, and communications is all about values. This is the framework for how your strategy and your culture combine and come alive in your organization.

Key Sharing and Action Sparkers:

  • Understand how to design and implement your core values in a day to day way to multiply the impact of communications with your team, vendors and customers
  • Understand how core values are extrapolated from your strenghts
  • Uncover and Recognize your 4-5 actionable Core Values

WHY + Misson

+ Vision

WHY + Mission + Vision

Develop and learn how to communicate WHY you do what you do and the steps you take every day (Mission) to reach your ultimate goal (Vision).

Key Sharing and Action Sparkers:

  • Uncover the essence of your true purpose and understand how that relates to your business
  • Develop your personal/company WHY—the reason you do what you do—and understand how your Mission and Vision are intrinsic to your WHY
    • Align your Mission and Vision with your WHY


Our story is the way we deliver our purpose to the world. The story gives context and texture to the purpose and gives others the ability to repeat it and even relate or see themselves in the story. When people can see themselves in a story, they can share it. A well aligned story helps establish viral communications.

Key Sharing and Action Sparkers: 

  • Understand the importance of a WHY-based company story as the centerpiece of your brand¬†
  • Learn how using your story as you lead through vulnerability brings purpose and alignment to your team.
  • Collaborate on the main points for inclusion in your story
    • First draft of your Company Story
    • Improve the story in real time with expert and participant feedback
    • Second draft of your Company Story


With drafts of your Brand foundation in place—WHY, Mission and Vision and Story—learn how to take the next step of implementing this framework in key areas of your communications.

Key Sharing and Action Sparkers:

  • Lead with your WHY
    • Develop key words and phrases that "speak to" your WHY
    • Draft forward-facing, WHY-centric communication such as a job/talent post, digital post, or email
  • External Communications
    • Align your visual identity with your brand fountation
    • Improve your elevator pitch
  • Internal Communication
    • Align your team around your unified messaging and strengthen your brand and culture
    • Learn how to put core values into practice through hiring, reviews, rewards, and firing
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